Statement TV console

Our Cane open weave doors offer an organic texture that is lightweight yet sturdy. The cane textile allows signal from TV boxes / decoders to operate through the closed doors concealing unsightly necessities with style.

Beautifully executed in this living space designed by DoubleYou Interiors, who opted to add sides and a top the cabinet. It is however worth mentioning that you can comfortably eliminate the sides and top when using our black or white doors on a black or white IKEA frame as the colours are a good match to the frame.

Shop the Look

Our shop the look product listings feature a bundle of items that you need to create a specific cabinet. The listing also details what's included from us and what you will need to purchase from IKEA.

If you prefer to build your own cabinet with a different number of doors, you can also use the Cane Oen Weave door for Besta listing below to create your own TV Cabinet.