Stylist Benn Robinson

We love Benn's clever use of the Linen Textile doors for Besta in two different sizes to create a cohesive TV cabinet and dining console in the same open plan living space.

By leveraging the practicality of IKEA's readily available frames and the sophisticated design of Fronteriors Linen Textile doors, Benn creatively utilized various storage options to perfectly suit the practical requirements of different areas of the home.

Love these looks?

We have a two SHOP THE LOOK bundles featured below - one for the 4 door TV cabinet and one for the 4 door dining console. Both include all the components you need to create these two cabinets as well as a list of items you will require from IKEA. If you need a combination of more or less doors, you can also create your own combination by shopping the individual components - all listed below too.

Keep in mind that where a top exceeds 78 ¾ “, as this one does, we have split the top into 2x 48 “ tops (each sized for one side) in order to make the size more efficient for shipping.  You have the option to select the top(s) with or without a cable management cutout. Note that the optional cutout in this Shope the look configuration is positioned in the centre.