Fronteriors, a level up.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of a Fronteriors kitchen? And what distinguishes it from a regular IKEA kitchen? Well, aside of the obvious aesthetic and quality enhancement, there are some design elements that take Fronteriors kitchens a level up.

Read on to discover the alchemy of IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen frames and Fronteriors fronts. And why we're not just offering a replacement door, but so much more!

Extended doors

Our wall cabinets extend past the bottom of the IKEA Sektion cabinet to hide the frame underside and any under-cabinet lighting while also allowing handleless opening and an uncluttered aesthetic.

Extra tall doors

Sometimes you need split doors on a tall cabinet and sometimes you just want one long door. We offer both.

Extended, seamless side panels

Our side panels extend to the floor and accommodate cabinets installed back-to-back without any vertical seams.

Island panels

Our custom-sized island panels have a variety of options to include or exclude back-to-back cabinets and/or bar counter overhang. All seamless.

Tall cover panels & fillers

We offer a selection of filler sizes that can be used both vertically and horizontally to customise areas specific to your requirements.

Ventilated toekicks

To facilitate air circulation in the cabinets that house built-in appliances.