In the home of our Co-Founder, Linda Dekkers | Houston, TX

Take a step inside the recently renovated 60’s bungalow of Fronteriors Co-founder, Linda Dekker’s. She and her family relocated to Houston, Texas in 2022 and it didn’t take long for Linda to sink her teeth into a full renovation project. The home is a showcase of the versatility of Fronteriors where Linda has utilised smart solutions in almost all areas to maximise the full potential of this concept. And she’s proving that there’s no denying the the design alchemy of IKEA’s modular and affordable frames when complemented with Fronteriors craftsmanship. 

From the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes to her TV cabinet and bathroom vanities, Linda’s home is a true reflection of how easily you can incorporate the Fronteriors concept into your build with materials and quality that offer the same look and feel as bespoke cabinetry, but without the hefty price tag or long lead times.

Despite an almost complete overhaul, Linda chose to keep key elements of the original mid-century home’s character. The living room feature stone wall and terrazzo floors now blend seamlessly with the Dutch family’s love for ‘warm minimalism’, reflected in the choice of Natural Oak and Framed fronts throughout the house. Linda pays homage to the home’s inherent style with simple and classic material choices, using layered organic textures contrasted with chrome finishes which keep that mid-century charm alive. 

Whilst kitchen and wardrobe projects may be the more obvious candidates for switching out standard IKEA doors in favour of a more bespoke quality, there are so many more ideas to explore with the concept. And this is where Linda really shows her creative flair, having used kitchen cabinets to create luxurious bathroom vanities.

“The Sektion kitchen series has cabinets designed specifically for sinks and plumbing, so they’re an ideal fit for bathrooms too. Sektion wall cabinets also make great hallway consoles or dining sideboards and with an array of internal components like sliding shelves and concealed drawers, you can really maximise your home organise efforts.”, says Linda.