We have compiled a short guide on how to create a custom look for your IKEA kitchen using Fronteriors panels. Cover panels are key element when designing your kitchen. With a blend of creativity, functionality, and a touch of personal flair, you can create a minimalistic look for your IKEA kitchen that is both stylish and authentic. Combining different textures and materials will elevate the design of your kitchen into a modern and minimalist space. The options are endless! 
The easiest way to upgrade an IKEA kitchen is to use our doors as an alternative to standard IKEA doors, but we also have a selection of cover panels that, when used properly, will make all the difference in achieving that dream aesthetic you’ve been swooning over at Pinterest.
We have listed the possibilities and functions of some our Fronteriors Cover Panels below.
Side panels – regular & extended

Side panels conceal the exposed side of your cabinetry to conceal your IKEA carcass. Side panels offer a tidy finish to the end of a row of cabinets. We offer both regular and extended side panels for the wall and base cabinets. Regular side panels follow the same height as the frame that they conceal, whereas our extended side panels are elongated for a seamless finish as in the sample below. 
In the case of the upper wall cabinets, extended side panels would be used in combination with our extended doors which are a little longer than the frame. This offers handle-less opening and conceals under cabinet lighting negating the need for a decorative pelmet.
For base cabinets, regular side panels would sit above the toe-kick whereas our extended panels reach down to the floor level for a more modern look.
Island side panels

We’ve designed a series a bespoke island side panels that accommodate the full variety of island depths and cabinet combinations with a seam free finish. These panels are also available in regular and extended lengths.  See our Island Side panel guide for more information and helpful visuals.
Lastly, side panels can be used on the underside of high cabinets if you wish to conceal the IKEA frame. They can also be used as custom shelves in small nooks between cabinets or between cabinets and walls.



Whereas side panels are designed to mask the side of your cabinet and therefore sit at a right angle from the doors, fillers fill the gaps between your cabinets and walls, ceilings or other cabinets. Concealing the gaps gives your kitchen a more custom-made look and creates a smooth transition from cabinetry to walls and ceilings.

The filler panels are usually installed forward-facing, either vertically or horizontally, on the same plane as your doors. Fillers can also be used in corners where cabinets sit at right angles to one another. Our fillers are produced in standard width/heights and need to be cut to size on site. Where necessary, filler pieces are accompanied by a wooden batten which functions as a bracket to easily attach the filler to the side of the frame.


Toe kicks finish off base cabinets in a matching color. Ours are applied directly over the IKEA plinth which offers a neat and easy installation. We offer ventilated plinths for integrated appliances as seen below.

You can create your custom kitchen design by following our easy online ordering steps, or you can let us help you make the most of your kitchen design with a consultation where we’ll take care of it all for you. Either way, feel free to explore your options over here